Typical Player Roles

One of the important part of playing a team game are the roles for each member of the team. If you have a well designed, balanced team you may have an advantage over the other team which can lead to a win. We won't talk about what champions are good counters to other champions at this point. We are going to talk about the typical roles that you see in Summoners Rift so when you are asked to play one of those roles you know what the others are expecting. Often this is called the METAGAME, and some people don't like to be locked into it or like to devise ways to break the “META”, but Riot has designed the champs and items in such a way that these roles do work. When patches come out and things change, there are some adjustments but this roles are still viable.

Role Names

When you browse the list of champions on the selection page and various wikis you will see some common words to describe the roles, and some champs will have more than one role. As we go over the different roles we will use some champions as examples but it is not set in stone, and there are always long discussions about which is better at the role.


Caitlyn, The sheriff of PiltoverA carry is a champion that has good damage scaling usually through the purchase of items that by the end part of the game they are doing so much damage that they “CARRY” the team to victory. A good example of this kind of champion is Caitlyn. She is a ranged champion that does a good amount of ATTACK DAMAGE from auto attacks. When a team fight happens she can stay in back and pick off champions, set traps to stop them from escaping, and her ultimate locks on and does very good damage no matter where the champs run too. To get good items to increase her damage she needs to farm minions and earn gold as fast as possible, and she also needs to stay away from the enemy team since she spends almost all her money on damage increasing items and not armor or health. A “Glass Cannon” means a champion that does huge damage but is easy to kill. That is how most carrys are. In Summoner's Rift you will likely find the carry farming the bottom lane along with a support champion to help keep and eye out for someone trying to take Dragon (more on that later).


Janna, the storm's furyA support may not be the glamorous role to play but it is very important. Since the carry is usually squishy and easy to kill, the supports job is to help the carry farm safely. Usually they have some health regeneration skills, or skills that can crowd control, keep enemies away, provide some defense. A good example of a support champion is Janna. The support sticks around bottom lane along with the carry. Janna has a spell for shielding the champion so they take less damage. If the carry takes less damage they can stay in the lane longer and earn more gold. Janna also has a spell that will knock up and slow enemies down if they try to harass the carry. Very handy indeed. Supports often purchase a gold earning item since they should not farm the lane. Farming the lane will take money away from the carry which your trying to get as rich as fast as possible. Supports also buys wards, things to show vision in bushes and other places that people like to hide and gank enemies. Wards are great and almost anyone who can afford to buy some should do so and give your team vision. It will really help.


Hecarim, the shadow of warBetween the three lanes in Summoners Rift is the jungle. It is a place of small camps of monsters that give gold and experience as well as some buffs when they are killed. Each of these camps respawns after a minute or so. A jungler is a champion that does two things, they go through and get the gold and experience from the jungle creeps so that the lanes have more gold and experience for themselves, and they also help gank an enemy in the lanes which can lead to kills or help pushing a lane. Hecarim is a good example of a jungler. He has abilities that help him attack multiple creeps at once, and gain health from them. He also has a fast movement ability to surprise people when he comes out of the jungle to attack. A good jungler can certainly turn a game in your teams favor. However you need to keep track of his location and help him gank by setting up your opponents to be out of position.


Veigar, the tiny master of evilIn league of legends there are two forms of damage. Physical damage and Magic Damage. Mages are champions that specialize in dealing magic damage. They scale up their damage from items that raise their Ability Power (AP). Like a carry they are also pretty squishy, but their abilities usually gives them some form of escape or crowd control. A balanced team should have someone that deals physical damage (AD champion) and another that deals magic damage (AP champion) so the other team cannot just build armor and become un-killable. Veigar is a good example of a Mage champion. Usually they lane in the middle by themselves so they can earn gold and experience fast. Veigar has an ability that will raise his AP value when he kills a minion with it. After farming with that ability he can become very dangerous. He also has an ability that can trap an enemy so he can either escape or drop all of his damage on a champion. Junglers need to think twice before trying to gank them.

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