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New Users Guide


LoLMentors is a place in which new players can find help from friendly, experienced mentors in an easy to use environment. Many players who jump into League of Legends are not prepared for some of the harsh criticism and frustration coming from a team game which they are still trying to learn. Many of the other new players are actually experienced players starting over and they just want to get leveled up as fast as possible and do not want to help teach other players. After seeing posts about this over and over, sidsantha and I said we wish we could help teach people this game we love so much but there is no way inside the game matching system to know a players true experience with a game. That is when we came up with the idea to hold classes and get people to signup and play together. Ideas just started coming together and this site was born.
Mentors Checklist The league community has lots of great sites with details about items and champion abilities, and the LoL client has good tutorials, we did not want to replace those resources, just make a community of mentors and students that can schedule and meet up to play and learn.
The first step, if this interests you, is to fill out your student profile. This will help the mentor and other players learn what areas you want to improve upon and what champions and game types you would like to practice. Once your profile is made you can look at what classes are coming up and sign up for them, or jump in on an active class if there are spots available. You may also want to search through the mentors list to see if a particular mentor fits your style. We keep track of students ratings on classes and mentors.
If you have some specific questions about champions, game types, items, etc you can visit the forum and post a message. If you have something to contribute you can post or reply in the forum. Once you have become an expert you too can apply to be a mentor and hold your own classes. If you write some good articles, videos, etc. we can post them into our knowledge-base and make the lolmentors community better.\ So, how does this sound? Interested? Good! Enjoy

Becoming a Student

New Students If you are interested in becoming a student you start by registering for the site here. (currently registration is off while we build the site) Start by giving your name and email address, and the system will send you a random password in the mail. Once you get your email you can sign in here and then change your password here. That gets you onto the website so you can post things in the forum, make wiki pages, etc.
To participate in the classes you need to fill out your student profile here. We need to know your summoner name, current level, what champs you like to play, what roles you like to play. This information will help the mentors match you together with other with the teams. There is also a terms of service for you to read and agree to before you can join any classes.
Once you fill out the student profile you can now search for classes and look up the mentor information.

Signing up for classes

Now that your a student you can access the class list and look for something that you can sign up for. The class list is here. You can sort and search for things that suit your needs. Some classes will be active which means you can join the waiting list and get in quick, others you will need to signup and come back when the class is in session. You can ask for an email reminder to alert you ahead of time. If a class is full you can join the waiting list and if a spot opens up you will be notified.

Going to class

When the class is in session (The mentor starts the class) you will see the link to the class lobby in your profile. You and your classmates will see the class details and messages from the mentor. They may wish to start a SKYPE conference call to discuss things, or they may want to have you join a custom game (a name and password will be provided) and work out things in the game chat. Most of these games will be custom games and be against Bots or other classmates. Advanced classes may do some “Normals” or even “Ranked”. Depending upon the class you may play 1 or more games, or the mentor will clear the room and take the next batch of students from the waiting list.

Improving the system

What makes things better is feedback. Communication can solve most problems. We want to hear how the class helped you and if you had any ideas about making it better. Once you have taken a class with a mentor you can rate how the class went and how effective the mentor was at teaching. This feedback will help us improved our classes and make the experience better for everyone. We want constructive criticism and thumbs up for good work, and about things we can fix. Or things you can fix, if you don't like how something is done we would be glad to see how you would do it!

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