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“Making a better community one player at a time!”

LoL Mentors is a site designed to help new players to League of Legends find experienced Mentors to teach them the basics of the game in a friendly and welcoming environment. League can be daunting at first and we encourage all new players to check out the So you want to be a Summoner? article, it will go over some of the basic information you need to know to play the game. From there we encourage you to Sign Up! New players should sign up and look for a mentor to help them out. After you've played a few games with your mentor we encourage you to rate them, this lets them and others know how excellent of a teacher they are!

If you already feel like you have a firm grasp feel free to check out our knowledge base and look of the articles, they provide plenty of good advice for any game you might play with any champion. We also will provide links to the latest patch updates and you can even write your own guides!

If you want to become a mentor and find a new (or current player who wants to improve his or her skill) feel free to sign up here. After signing up other users will be able to request to play a game with you and learn from your experience. You will even have the option to setup your skype profile so that when you start playing you will be able to connect instantly to your pupil if you wish, its totally up to you!

Lastly we have links to a plethora of resources to help you improve your game, such as streams, build sites, and communities! So join us wont you and help make League of Legends a better place for everyone!

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